Buy Timeshare

Buy Timeshare

If you are looking to buy the holiday you have always been looking for at an affordable price, A1World Timeshare is for you.

Time of year:

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from weeks during the school holidays, or off season, depending on when you prefer to holiday.

You can pick from a range of weeks.. if you wish to holiday at the same time every year, or flexi weeks, which can be occupied in a variety of intervals throughout off-peak season.

Our timeshare weeks are located in diverse regions of India, so you can select from city, seaside, mountains or country escapes according to your needs. We do provide a brief outline of what you can expect at each resort.

The Accommodation:

Some buyers prefer the ultimate in luxury while on holiday, while others are more concerned with activities and attractions than the accommodation itself. As far as possible, we give a true indication of what you can expect from each property with our photo galleries and a list of onsite facilities.

Size counts when it comes to your holiday. The size of each property is clearly indicated on our website, so be sure to check that your desired property meets your needs.

If you would like further information to buy timeshare, please feel free to get in touch through the contact us page.