Future of Timeshare Industry in India

Time and again we are reminded of the importance of vacationing. Either it is prescribed by the doctors against office stress or demanded by the stubborn few in the family. But when it comes to vacations time and money are the major restricting factors today. Timeshare, a relatively old property concept, provides a solution to both these problems.

timeshare industry

Timeshare vacations in the Himalayas

What exactly is the Time share industry?

Timeshare fundamentally regards to the purchase of partial ownership rights to an immovable property. The most common and simplified term used is “holiday home sharing”. Apartments or resorts are sold on a fixed term basis to a particular entity and he is entitled to use the property and facilities for that fixed term. Now it can be a particular week of the particular year or a particular season of the year.

Timeshare Industry in India

Even after being a very old concept timeshare still remains out of the awareness of majority of Indians. But the timeshare industry in India is changing and rapidly so. If anything the government is making India a potential investment for all kinds of industries and timeshare remains not far. With only 0.069% of the market being a member the prospect of growth is immense.
In the recent slowdown of economy it was the timeshare industry that remained unaffected and smiling. When economy forces the consumers to judge the worth of every investment timeshare is a concept that allows the consumer to reap more than the worth.

Consumer friendly industry

  • It comes with a guarantee of low valued vacation each year for the chosen number of years.
    Look at it this way: you buy the property at the present rate and reap the benefit of it in the coming years without the worrying about the increase in property rates.
    With only the minimal maintenance fee and one time participation fee the timeshare industry in India is nothing if not appealing.
  • Since it comes with different kinds of packages the interested party can choose the kind that suits them the best. It could be a fixed week of a year, floating week, seasonal or rotational.
  • It’s not necessary to have a huge family if you want to enjoy the benefits of timeshare. It comes with the option of partially owning apartments to suit individual or couple requirements.
  • Since the timeshare industry is relatively untapped it will provide better benefits in the long haul to the early birds. Just like other property investments it ensures profits.
  • Owners who are unable to occupy the property in their fixed time also have the option to rent out, gift, donate or even sell their property. Like any other contract, timeshare provides for all the above options and the interested party may discuss their options and additional fees with the seller.
  • It’s a reliable, trusted and cost effective option for the accustomed vacationgoers.

The fact that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks may make the timeshare industry seem too good to be true. But this shouldn’t be the reason holding you back. The contracts are simple and straightforward. And the exactness can be communicated to the timeshare companies and different ownership plans and schemes can be sought.

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