Timeshare: A Cost Effective Vacation

Compared to any other Asian countries, India is a far more expensive holiday destination. The prices are high across all states but Rajasthan, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir are more expensive than all of them. A Single Hotel room in Rajasthan or any small budget hotel in Kerala will not cost you less than Rs. 7000 – 8000 per night. A long weekend vacation in these tourist states of India will cost you in lacs. And affordable accommodation in Rajasthan will take a large amount of your overall holiday expense.

Cost effective vacation

When you compare these rates with Resorts in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia you will find how much an Indian Holiday will cost you fortune. And there you find an option of Timeshare. Timeshare industry in India is emerging as rescuers to inflation and increasing rates of Resorts in India. According to reports, there are more than 50 such timeshare companies in India at this date and they are growing tremendously well. Because India is always a favorite Holiday destination all over the world, and still a number of Indians nowadays travel abroad as it’s cheaper.

How is timeshare a cost effective vacation?

In a Timeshare Holiday, a Consumer pays some amount of money to a Timeshare Holiday Company. By doing this any customer can spend a vacation at that Timeshare Company’s pre-decided Holiday resorts for at least 15-20 years. Every year the customer has to pay an annual maintenance fees that varies from company to company.

This make holidaying much reliable and less expensive especially for those who are habitual of vacationing every year regularly. And even if he decides not to go for Holiday for some time, customer can sell a timeshare. And even if he does not want to permanently lose his timeshare then he can rent the timeshare to someone.

These timeshare resorts are spread across all over India, in famous tourist places as well as the remote ones also. This is budget saver as well as attractive concept for a consumer in a country like India, where tariffs of hotels touch the skies in peak holiday season. The industry has become a lot more professional than it was ever before, because some of the pioneers Holiday companies in India have joined the Timeshare industry.

Here are few Guidelines before you buy a Timeshare:

Though there are plenty of options available these days, stick to the best brands available in market which are best known for security and their resorts.

  • Chose a group that has variety in resorts as well as destinations also. This will give you lot of options and flexibility. And you will be able to access more holiday destinations in India.
  • Poor maintenance, unhygienic environment, housekeeping and unprofessional staff are some key issues which Irritate customers most. Check the reviews of any resort before proceeding further.
  • Your holiday budget, maintenance charges, holiday ownership fees, payment for food, air-fares etc. find out about the payment scheme and ownership plans.
  • Lastly, find out when you can sell the timeshare permanently or rent it out.
  • Help others take advantage of this cost effective vacation method.

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